Barber Supplies

Celebrate the growth in male grooming with our great range of products.

Our professional products, combined with your expertise - it's everything you need. Give men the ultimate choice & value in grooming.
In the run up to National Men's Grooming Day on 10th June, we want men to think seriously about their grooming habits. Get them to think about introducing something new to it; a new skincare or hairstyling product perhaps?

We've decided to give the UK's men the chance to look over their grooming habits and the male skin care and beauty products they use. As an incentive, we've teamed up with the leading brands, Wahl, Lock Stock and Barrel, Pahana and Woody's to offer exclusive discounts on male grooming products for the entirety of the campaign.

Our barbershop product selection boasts both ultra-modern essentials such as texturising web and rubber cutting collars, and items that reference tradition: chrome shaving pots, brilliantine and alum shaving soap. We also stock a large variety of fragrant aftershave, shampoos, shave oil and eau de cologne. Purchase your barbershop essentials online today.