• This trend led course brings bridal techniques in line with current trends and fashions. During the course you'll cover 5 key wedding looks including barrel curls, basket weaving, chignon shapes and bows, and master bridal and prom hair techniques includingthe application of hair ornamentation.
    € 115,00
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  • During this practical workshop you’ll learn the art of micro-loop and micro-ring hair extensions, including the application of wefts. Using the latest technology in hair extension methods you’ll master the application process and learn how to create instant length, volume and fashion effects.

    Top Features
    • Demonstrations on how to apply, maintain and remove the micro-loop and micro-ring extensions, including weft application
    • Learn how to create length, volume and colour placements
    • Features and benefits of the extension system
    • Product recommendations, aftercare advice and price guidance
    • Hair and scalp analysis, including consultation techniques and contraindications

    Key Learnings
    • The skills and knowledge required to apply, maintain and remove micro-ring, micro-loop and weft hair extensions
    • Consultation and aftercare for the client
    • Health and safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently
    € 150,00
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