• A great course to follow on from massage, allowing therapists to incorporate the use of hot stones to take the massage routine to another level.
    € 130,00
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    Microblading creates the perfect brow by applying semi-permanent colour with an incredibly fine, sterile blade. Tiny hair stokes are delicately drawn on the brow area with the blade to create perfectly shaped, long lasting brows that can last up to 18 months.

    Top Features
    • Become a true brow expert by learning the highly popular Microblading treatment.
    • Learn how to create new brow shapes and styles using curved hair strokes which mimic real hair in thickness and direction of growth.
    • Each hair is individually drawn by hand, allowing you to create bespoke brows for your client.

    Key Learnings
    • Full understanding of the Microblading treatment and products.
    • Gain full knowledge on brow mapping, styling and complete colour theory.
    • Understand health and safety, consultations, aftercare, maintenance and retail opportunities
    • Skills and knowledge to perform the treatment successfully and effectively.
    • Gain confidence performing the treatment under the observation of skilled microblading trainers.
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  • The Fades & Blades course teaches students everything they need to know about how to create some of the most fashionable hairstyles and beards in the world of barbering.

    Top Features
    • Practical session where students will perform a fade and practice shaving the beard line
    • Learn how to use the foil shaver for skin fades
    • Overview of cutting tools

    Key Learnings
    • Full understanding of beard trimming and shaping, outlining beards with a blade and tight skin fading
    • Health and safety knowledge to carry out the service confidently
    € 190,00
    ex VAT