• Essential for removing wax from surfaces and equipment
    • Cleans roller heads between waxing treatments
    • Refreshing citrus fragrance
    € 6,30
    ex VAT
  • New
    S-PRO Travel Cosmetic Bag, Black
    • S-PRO Water-resistant toiletry bag
    • Durable and easy to organize
    • Innovative side-zip storage pockets
    • functional mesh slip pockets
    • Reinforced hook so that bag can be hung up
    € 18,00
    ex VAT
  • New
    S-PRO Nail Artist Bag, Black
    • S-PRO Large storage compartment at the top
    • Several small storage drawers at the bottom for all your small items
    • Inclusive shoulder strap
    € 67,00
    ex VAT
  • New
    S-PRO Nail Artist Trolley, Black
    • S-PRO Large compartment at the top for the nail lamp or electric nail fle
    • 8 sliding drawers at the bottom for all your smaller materials
    • Extra bags at the side for storage
    • Includes a shoulder strap
    € 113,00
    ex VAT
  • New
    S-PRO Top Bag for Rollercoaster Trolley, Black
    • S-PRO Top bag to fit perfectly on the Rollercoaster Trolley
    • Perfect size for your salon Essentials, colour tubes and developers
    € 34,00
    ex VAT
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