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01 September 2021
Posted by in Business

POCKET PA - The only personal assistant you’ll ever need!

One of the hardest things to do when you’re a freelancer, or have private clients, is finding the time to stay on top of the daily, weekly and monthly admin. As your business grows, you’re constantly moving from appointment to appointment and the customer obviously has to be your first priority.

One of the hardest things to do when you’re a freelancer, or have your own business, is finding the time to stay on top of the daily, weekly and monthly admin. As your business grows, you’re constantly moving from appointment to appointment and as you make your customers your first priority, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on in your business.

Introducing Pocket PA, the only tool that does everything you need to run your business, so no need for multiple systems and apps. Within one easy tool you can track your income and expenses, book appointments and manage your diary, send reminders to clients and always have full visibility of how profitable your business is, and where you need to cut back. It’s time to boost your freelance business with this exclusive Salon Services and Pocket PA offer; bringing you this transformative business tool for only £13.49 per month.

Created for professionals who love what they do, just like you.

Pocket PA’s story started when creator Caroline Syson’s 19-year-old daughter Megan decided that she wanted to start her own business as a lash technician. Knowing that beauty was her passion but that she had no experience in business admin, Caroline decided to try and help her by finding the perfect organiser that would deal with all of the income, expenses and appointments. While there were plenty that could do one of these functions, Caroline noticed there wasn’t an app that brought everything together in one place.

I didn’t want anyone to feel small just because they are working alone. Freelancers are so brave; they don’t get sick days, paid holiday or duvet days – I made this for them’.
Caroline Syson

Taking this as a challenge, Caroline set to work and began developing Pocket PA. It was an immediate success with her daughter, who went on to launch a successful career, but that was just the beginning. More features were added, as the needs of Megan’s business grew, and the new improved version has been picked up by other microbusinesses across several industries. If you want to build your business without getting bogged down with admin, Pocket PA could be just what you need.

In Megan’s words:

“Pocket PA has had a huge impact on my business and I would highly recommend it to any self-employed small business owner. Maths has never been a strong area of mine so to have everything worked out for me, right from my business expenses, to outstanding payments from clients, end of year accounts and to see what I’m earning profit wise daily, weekly, monthly has been amazing. The SMS reminders have also cut down on no shows and last minute cancellations which is super beneficial as a self-employed business owner.

Pocket PA has really been a game-changer and allowed me to focus on what I do best. There really is no software out there like Pocket PA, that I can take everywhere and have it to hand whenever I need it!. It’s transformed my business and given me the tools to work independently with the confidence that comes with knowing that my business is growing, profitable and under control!’.

Megan, the original Pocket PA user

What Can Pocket PA do for you?

1. Manage your diary and your clients.

Pocket PA allows you to send SMS reminders to clients so that they know where to go and when, what they are booked in for and what their service will cost. No-shows and double bookings are tough to manage, cost you money, and can damage your reputation. When your clients are as busy as you are, Pocket PA automated reminders take the hassle out of juggling the diary. Clients can even book their own appointments based on your availability – reducing calls in and time spent going through your voicemails, returning calls between clients and manually fill up your diary.

“My biggest frustration was people forgetting their appointments, so Pocket PA covers this beautifully by automatically sending an SMS to everyone. My clients love these reminders.”

Nicola Merritt, Beautician

Maximise Profitability – do less, earn more.

Caroline says that one of the greatest testimonials for Pocket PA is the number of freelancers who feedback that their earnings have improved since they started using it. We’re all guilty of working harder without questioning whether we’re spending our time and money in the right places. Pocket PA allows you to see exactly what you are spending and where, and how profitable your business is. Using the easy to read dashboard and income dials you can see outgoings and income and choose to make a small change, tip the balance and start making more money.

3. Be Confident in your business success.

Founder Caroline’s mantra is ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ and that is at the heart of what Pocket PA aims to do. Pocket PA allows you to have full visibility of your business, and take control of your future. The reassurance and confidence that comes when you take away the overwhelm, that all freelancers can feel, is a powerful feeling. As Caroline says, ‘The income dial never lies!’.

4. Get Paid!

We know that some freelancers find the act of asking for payment all a bit awkward or some just don’t have the time to chase for payments. It’s not only that, it can be hard to juggle cash, card, appointment deposits and invoices between clients and on the go. With Pocket PA you can manage all of that from your phone. Pocket PA allows you to take card payments in situ with a reader, as well as sending automated invoices and chasing late payments. As soon as you have completed your service, you can get paid and move on to the next client – quick, easy and all visible on your dashboard.

SMS reminder feature is an additional price

5. Tax Return & Expenses Made Simple

Did you know that the average freelancer has £841 of unclaimed mileage every year? Pocket PA is all about tracking your costs and making it easy to claim them back. As Caroline says ‘Expenses should take 30 seconds a day, no more’. Pocket PA allows you to track your weekly, monthly and annual income and expenses with its easy to follow colour-coded dials. You’ll find all of the numbers in one place, from upcoming payments to mileage expenses which is especially critical when it comes to the dreaded end of year accounts. Pocket PA lets you export all of your relevant data on PDF, CSV and Excel sheets ready for filling out your tax return or sending to your accountant. The results? No more spending hours every month with a calculator trying to work out your income, expenses and profit.

“I highly recommend Pocket PA to any freelancer like me. I'm not good with figures and accounting, and the business stuff, but it's all taken care of. All I need to do is add my income and expenses, it even allows you to take a picture of your receipts, and then I send it off to my accountant. Easy!”

Siobhán Patterson, Pocket PA user and owner of Cut

Save on Pocket PA, Exclusively with Salon Services.

Whether you’re a hairdresser, manicurist or lash technician, Pocket PA is the essential app if you truly want your business to thrive. At the Exclusive Salon Services price of £13.49 per month (plus a 14-day free trial!), Pocket PA allows you to run your business for, as Caroline puts it, less than a coffee a week.

Click on the button below to sign up today – Transform your business and ‘Focus on What you Love’ with Pocket PA.

You can get everything you need for your hair or beauty business at Salon Services. For more advice on the latest trends and services, stay updated by following our blog.
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