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Salon Services Ear Candles Orange and Geranium One Pair

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Features & benefits
  • Ear candles from Salon Services
  • For use in the ancient art of ear candelling
  • To treat symptoms of ears, nose and throat
  • With essential oil of orange and geranium
  • One pair of candles supplied
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Salon Services Ear Candles are designed to help you carry out the ancient tribal tradition of ear candelling, used for centuries as a soothing, relaxing ritual. One pair of candles supplied with essential oil providing an orange and geranium fragrance.

Said to have many beneficial properties, ear candles can help treat symptoms of the ears, nose and throat. Used as an alternative to syringing they can equalise pressure in the ears and sinus, while also helping to reduce ringing in the ear. As the candles burn they release soothing fragrances of essential oils, creating a warm soft vacuum sensation in the ear that gently draws out impurities and releases pressure.


Directions: Please read directions carefully prior to use. Start by creating a relaxing atmosphere in a warm room. Ensure the room is draught free so that the candle burns smoothly and to reduce ash particles from blowing off the candle. Relaxation music, calm lighting and aromatherapy oils can assist with creating a soothing ambiance. Keep a glass of water within reach to use to extinguish the candle once the treatment has finished. Lie down on your side, with your head supported by a pillow so that you are comfortable. Make sure your head is positioned so that your ear canal is in a vertical position so the candle is upright. Once comfortable, your partner should put the protective disk on the candle at the red line, which will catch any dropping ash particles, and will protect the ear and face.

Customer Reviews

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04 June 2017
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So many of my clients like their ears cleared especially before a holiday or through the spring -summer, I've always used these and my clients give very good feedback

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