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    Just Wax Expert Advanced Hot Wax 700g
    1+ 1 HALF PRICE
    • Advanced formula; extra fast settting hot wax
    • Designed for outstanding client comfort and perfect results
    • Perfect balance of flexibility and firmness for clean, easy removal of all hair types on the face and body
    • Turns opaque when ready to remove
    • Perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas
    € 14,80
    ex VAT
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    Just Wax Stripless Supergold Hotwax  700g
    1+ 1 HALF PRICE
    • Superior quality resins and beeswax
    • Easy application and comfortable effective treatment
    • Traditional hotwax with added flexibility
    • Ultra Fluid
    • All hair types for back, legs or initimate areas
    € 15,60
    ex VAT