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    • Remove dead cells and reveal brighter and younger looking skin
    • Entry level unit to introduce this treatment
    • Non-invasive facial lifting unit
    ex VAT
    • Prepare skin for extractions and enhance product penetration
    • With high frequency handle, four electrodes and intensity control
    • Galvanic comes fully equipped
    • Can also hold up to six electrodes
    • Features a fixed cradle for the hand piece
    ex VAT
    • Stimulate the skin and enhance beauty treatments
    • Comes complete with a visual output meter and foot switch
    • Features a power intensity light and rotary output control
    ex VAT
    • UVC disinfecting cabinet
    • Short-wave ultra-violet radiation cleansing
    • Perfect for sterilising electrodes and instruments
    • No water or high voltage required
    ex VAT
    • Heated towel cabinet
    • Compact size
    • UV disinfection
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • 8 litre capactiy
    ex VAT
    • High lumen output with low power consumption
    • Features a three diopter, 12.7cm glass lens and cover
    • Energy saving of 80% plus
    • Light without UV and IR
    • Long lifespan LEDs
    ex VAT
    • Remove dead skin cells and cellular blockages
    • Ideal for face and body treatments
    • Included are two brushes, two pumices and a roller
    • With rotary speed control
    • Reverse switch-on hand piece for ease of use
    ex VAT
    • Sturdy and lightweight all-metal folding trolley
    • Perfect for the salon or a mobile therapist
    • Two shelves and large, easy-glide wheels
    ex VAT
    • Automatic steriliser
    • Steam method
    • With instrument basket
    • 125 C operating temperature
    • 20 minute sterilising cycle
    • Nine litre chamber capacity
    ex VAT