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    • Matador gloves
    • Strong and reuseable
    • Non-slip and tear-resistant
    • For beauty applications
    • One pair of 18cm gloves supplied
    ex VAT
    • An alternative to the customary robe
    • Sarings are light, bright and modern
    • Cover clients or dress a treatment couch
    ex VAT
    • A beautiful and luxurious addition to your spa or salon.
    • Beautiful and unique designs from Bali.
    • Large enough to fully cover a treatment bed.
    • An eco-friendly an economical alternative to towels.
    • Made from natural cotton and hand-finished by local craftsmen.
    ex VAT
    • Hand Carved Wooden Bowl
    • Multi-purpose
    • Stylish
    • Durable hardwood
    • Mini-sized
    ex VAT
    • Incense sticks from Pinks Boutique
    • Pack of 50
    • Ten each of five fragrances: jasmine, rose, eucalyptus, orange and orchid
    • Exotic and welcoming
    ex VAT
    • Floating Frangipani
    • Pack of 10
    • Wooden flowers
    • Create ambience
    • In brown
    ex VAT
    • Incense burner from Pinks Boutique
    • Traditional wooden design
    • With incense stick hole and ash furrow
    • Creates ambience
    • Air freshening effect
    ex VAT
    • Wooden Pedicure Bowl
    • Requires special care
    • In dark brown
    ex VAT
    • Wooden spoons
    • For mixing facial masks
    • Can be used to remove products from pots
    • Prevent cross-contamination
    • In coconut or palm wood
    ex VAT
    • Ceramic bowl
    • Natural products
    • Decorate your treatment room
    • Storage for accessories
    ex VAT
    • Decorative coconut bowls
    • Light brown colour
    • Pack of three
    • For aesthetic or practical use
    • Add exotic flair
    ex VAT
      Keep your salon stocked with the basics from our range of beauty essentials. From latex gloves to nail files, makeup sponges to tweezers, choose from a variety of must-have accessories and professional beauty essentials at Salon Services.