• Delivers long-lasting smooth results
    • Disposable blades provide precision edging every time
    • No need to re-sharpen the blades
    • Stylish and ergonomically designed
    • Includes 10 personal disposable platinum blades and a storage case
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    • Enriched moisturising formula delivers a professional close shave
    • Nourishes and soothes the skin for reduced irritation
    • Fresh fragrance with notes of lemon and bergamot
    • Masculine fragrance leaves the face feeling refreshed
    • Gel works like a cream to allow blade to glide through while still moisturising the skin
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    • Handmade from 100% natural boar hair
    • Stiff bristles are ideal for creating a rich lather
    • Firmness helps to lift the hair for a closer cut
    • Perfect bristles for lathering Wahl Foaming Shave Gel
    • Complete with a stylish stand that allows for drip dry after use
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    • Handmade from 100% natural badger hair
    • Ultra-absorbent and perfect for a luxurious, smooth shave
    • Ideal for the newcomer to wet shaving
    • Works well with traditional soaps and creams
    • Complete with a stylish stand that allows for drip dry after use
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    • Rich in natural oils for a smoother shave
    • Ideal for a luxurious shaving experience
    • Keeps skin moisturised
    • Can be used with your blade or suitable electric shaver
    • Helps provide extra protection during shave
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    • Traditional Bay Rum splash-on aftershave
    • Strong spicy scent
    • Leaves the skin feeling refreshed
    • Great to use to finish off that fresh shave
    • This old timer hasn't lost any class; what men should smell like
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    • Easily absorbed non-greasy moisturiser
    • Formulated to soothe and hydrate all skin types
    • Essential for any grooming routine
    • Enriched with black mulberry and white nettle
    • Help replenish lost moisture and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth
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    * WAHL 5 Star Finale Shaver
    3 + 1 FREE
    • Ultimate finishing tool
    • 80 minutes run time from 120 minute charge
    • Cord/cordless operation with a 2.4mm cable
    • Features Lithium Ion Technology
    • Wahl foils are made from the highest quality hypoallergenic gold
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