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Review: The Marvel–Lash Eyelash Extensions course

Posted on 28th January 2016 by PROinsider
Ever wondered what it's like to go on one of our training courses? We sent PROinsider editor, Lizzie on our Marvel-lash eyelash extensions course to give you the lowdown on what you can expect from the day.

9.55am – With absolutely no beauty qualifications (I could just about apply a strip lash to my eye. Yes, just one eye), I arrive at Salon Services HQ. I have visions of being surrounded by hair and beauty pros, who would instantly perfect the eyelash extension process – would I even be able to learn how to do it, let alone master the art? However, the butterflies soon settle after chatting with fellow (and equally nervous) lash novices, and realising that the class was made up of a variety of people, from hair and beauty pros to mums wanting to a learn a new skill.
10.15am – Jane Kenny, Salon System’s educator introduces herself to the class, and reels off her extensive knowledge and experience with lashes, from working in Harrods to teaching for more than 20 years. Jane asks us to introduce ourselves and explain why we’ve chosen to take the course, which helps break the ice between the group.
11.00am – Ensuring we learn to walk before we run, Jane takes us through the lash ‘bible’, which you receive on the course. The ‘bible’ is your go-to guide when it comes to launching your lash extension business, covering salon hygiene, sanitation, health and safety, client consultation, contraindications and client care. It’s all done with a lot of anecdotes to keep us interested. Jane also gives us some of her business tips too – handy!
12.30pm – Jane gives us our first victim, ahem, I mean ‘client’ to practise on – in the shape of a polystyrene head AKA Polly. We attach five separate individual lashes onto the eye socket, finishing with a strip of masking tape over the top to represent the eyelid. Now for the tricky bit – mastering the tools. You’re given two sets of tweezers to work with. At the same time. That work in opposite directions. Hence why Polly had to be slightly patient with her treatment. Once you’ve mastered the tweezer-twister, it’s time to have a go on Polly.
TIP: It’s worth investing in your own Polly to practise the technique on. She’s a very well-behaved client.

2.00pm – After breaking for lunch, it’s time to have a go on real humans – eeek! I pair-up with a lovely lady who looks just as anxious as me, and I volunteer to go first and promise not to hurt her. I hold my breath for the first 10 minutes while applying the lashes, but I start to get into a rhythm and (finally) start to relax. In fact, I find the technique extremely therapeutic and I can’t believe an hour has already flown by.  When my partner stands up and opens her eyes, I’m extremely proud (and surprised) at the results. Luckily, and she loves her new lashes too.

4.00pm – After a switch over, where your partner gets to try her new skills on you, there’s just enough time for Jane to teach us how to apply ‘express’ lashes, which are a quicker alternative for clients. Jane then goes on to test us on what we’ve learnt that day and reiterates some of the key points.


5.00pm – As I pack away my new tools and swap numbers with my fellow lash friends, I think about how much I’ve learned in one day and I have new level of respect for ‘lash extensionists’, as I now know the high-level of skill and patience needed to master the technique. 
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