Make your morning routine simpler with these easy tips

Spending an extra 15 minutes curled up in bed when your morning alarm clock goes off can be an all too appealing option. Sometimes, more often than we know we should, we hit that snooze button more and suddenly you have only left yourself 15 minutes to get ready. At which point the panic ensues.
We thought we might be able to help by giving you some tips for getting ready in a hurry.

Do as much prep as you can the night before. Spray Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive dry shampoo into your roots and it will have worked its way into your hair by the morning. Your hair will look fresh and you will have plenty of added volume.


Use curlers while you sleep. Cut your styling time drastically by wearing Sleep In Rollers. Not only will you look like you’ve just had a salon style blow-dry you can save you hair from the heat of styling tools.


To keep yourself on track create a lively playlist that lasts exactly as long as you have to get ready. You won’t have to constantly watch the clock and certain songs might even make you move faster.


Keep a small make-up bag separate with only your essential items that you need for the morning. This will also help you slip your essentials in to your handbag for a quick top up later in the day.


Make your eyes look wide awake by using an eyelash curler for lift and a sweep of mascara for an eye popping finish.


If you’re really struggling for time then apply some rosy blush and a bright lipstick for an instantly made up look. Check out the range from Lord and Berry for some inspiration.