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Is non-touring the new contouring?

Posted on 15th June 2016 by PROinsider
So we’ve finally mastered the art of contouring, only for the trend’s ambassador, Kim Kardashian, to announce that she’s ‘trying to wear less make-up’. *palm to face*.  It’s not just Kim K who is opting for a make-up detox – the barely-there trend was the go-to look for A Listers during awards season and the model set at London Fashion Week too.  So, could the reality star’s new ‘less is more’ make-up mantra be the NBBT (Next Big Beauty Thing)?

What is non-touring?
Dewy, fresh and light should be your inspiration when recreating nontouring on your clients.  Even though contouring requires some serious shading skills, don’t be fooled into thinking non-touring is a complete cop out. Make-up that looks natural and boasts a sunny-stroll-in-the-park complexion (whilst still covering any blemishes and disguising bags), is notoriously one of the most difficult looks to get right.

To help us, we’re taking notes from none other than Kim K’s favourite MUA Mario Dedivanovic (otherwise known as the ‘Contour King’), who shares his top three no-make-up make-up tips…
  1. Always use a light foundation like Lord & Berry Cream to Powder, £18.19, to allow you to build coverage slowly. Thicker textured bases will sit too heavily on the skin and are less ‘moveable’ – counteracting the ‘natural’ look.
  2. Apply with a Precision Beauty Blending Sponge, £3.99, (the answer to streak-free foundation), to effectively blend your base into the skin. Remember to dampen the blender – when used dry, the sponge soaks up the make-up and leaves a cakey finish.
  3. Use a lighter shade of eyebrow pencil in the inner corners of the brows and a darker eyebrow pencil for the outer corners – this MUA trick creates a natural, yet fuller brow. Try Lord & Berry Magic brow, £8.79
And … Before you pack away your highlighters and bronzers, the PROinsider team have come to the decision that there’s nothing wrong with a little contouring, especially on a night out. 

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