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Indola Profession Caring Color Permanent Hair Colour 60ml
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    Indola Profession Caring Color Permanent Hair Colour 60ml

    • • Confident colouring and vibrant colour results
      • 100% white hair coverage
      • Smart Color Pixel Technology
      • Precious Oleo–agents
      • Long lastingness of shades
      • Use with Indola Colour Transformer to convert every permanent shade into a demi­permanent

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    • Colour

      10.0 Lightest Blonde Natural9.0 Very Light Blonde Natural8.0 Light Blonde Natural7.0 Medium Blonde Natural6.0 Dark Blonde Natural5.0 Light Brown Natural4.0 Medium Brown Natural3.0 Dark Brown Natural1.0 Black Natural9.03 Very Light Blonde Natural Gold8.03 Light Blonde Natural Gold7.03 Medium Blonde Natural Gold6.03 Dark Blonde Natural Gold5.03 Light Brown Natural Gold9.11 Very Light Blonde Intense Ash8.1 Light Blonde Ash6.1 Dark Blonde Ash4.1 Medium Brown Ash1.1 Black Ash9.2 Very Light Blonde Pearl7.2 Medium Blonde Pearl9.3 Very Light Blonde Gold8.3 Light Blonde Gold7.3 Medium Blonde Gold6.3 Dark Blonde Gold5.3 Light Brown Gold4.3 Medium Brown Gold9.32 Very Light Blonde Gold Pearl8.32 Light Blonde Gold Pearl7.32 Medium Blonde Gold Pearl8.34 Light Blonde Gold Copper6.34 Dark Blonde Gold Copper7.35 Medium Blonde Gold Mahagony6.35 Dark Blonde Gold Mahagony5.35 Light Brown Gold Mahagony4.35 Medium Brown Gold Mahagony9.38 Very Light Blonde Gold Chocolate7.38 Medium Blonde Gold Chocolate6.38 Dark Blonde Gold Chocolate4.38 Medium Brown Gold Chocolate6.4 Dark Blonde Copper5.4 Light Brown Copper4.4 Medium Brown Copper8.43 Light Blonde Copper Gold6.43 Dark Blonde Copper Gold7.44 Medium Blonde Intense Copper6.44 Dark Blonde Intense Copper8.44x Light Blonde Extra Copper9.44 Very Light Blonde Intense Copper6.48 Dark Blonde Copper Chocolate5.56 Light Brown Mahagony Red8.66x Light Blonde Extra Red6.66x Dark Blonde Extra Red5.66x Light Brown Extra Red5.67 Light Brown Red Violet4.68 Medium Brown Red Chocolate8.77x Light Blonde Extra Violet7.76 Medium Blonde Violet Red6.77x Dark Blonde Extra Violet5.77x Light Brown Extra Violet3.8 Dark Brown Chocolate9.82 Very Light Blonde Chocolate Pearl7.82 Medium Blonde Chocolate Pearl5.82 Light Brown Chocolate Pearl7.83 Medium Blonde Chocolate Gold6.83 Dark Blonde Chocolate Gold6.84 Dark Blonde Chocolate Copper4.86 Medium Brown Chocolate Red9.00 Very Light Blonde Intense Natural8.00 Light Blonde Intense Natural7.00 Medium Blonde Intense Natural6.00 Dark Blonde Intense Natural5.00 Light Brown Intense Natural7.3 Medium Blonde Gold Natural6.6 Dark Blonde Red Natural5.6 Light Brown Red Natural8.8 Light Blonde Chocolate Natural6.8 Dark Blonde Chocolate Natural4.80 Medium Brown Chocolate Natural100 Creator Natural0.11 Creator Intense Ash0.22 Creator Intense Pearl0.33 Creator Intense Gold0.44 Creator Intense Copper0.66 Creator Intense Red

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      • Indola PCC delivers best–in–class colour quality at an affordable price to deliver reliable colour performance for ready–to–wear looks. Indola provides reliable results with Color Pixel Technology with up to 100% coverage and 100% dazzling vibrancy. Indola PCC also offers pure creative freedom with the revolutionary Colour Transformer technology that will convert every permanent shade into a demi­permanent.

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