Hot Nail Trends: Gel Polish Kits

Forget traditional nail polish and follow the hottest new trend in the beauty industry: Gel Polish.

These amazing new gel polish kits offer a high-shine treatment guaranteed to last several times longer than regular polish, and is ideal to incorporate into any luxury manicure treatment.

Compared to acrylic extensions, gel polishes look more natural and feel less stiff, making them increasingly popular among both UK nail polish bloggers and professionals in the beauty industry.

One of the great things about this new trend is that even the busiest businesswoman will be able to keep up with regular gel polish manicures.

Thanks to their exceptional adhering qualities, gels offer a long lasting finish that stays glossy and chip-resistant for up to three weeks, a perfect time-saving solution for today's multi-tasking nail enthusiast.

Professional Salon Nails in One Hour or Less

For those readers who haven't tried it yet, a gel manicure follows traditional nail polish techniques: a base coat is applied, followed by two to three layers of gel polish and finished off with a layer of top coat.

All five layers are then dried under a hand-sized UV lamp or for an even quicker finish, a professional LED lamp.

Most nail technicians will also ensure the best possible finish by drying nails under the lamp for at least two minutes for every layer of gel applied.

Gel nails dry quickly with a hard, glossy finish that lasts around three weeks. Since gel dries instantly under an LED light, there's no need to worry about smudges ruining the manicure: gel nails are designed for getting straight back to work or play!

A Colour for Everyone

With the vast array of gel polishes offered by Sally , the possibilities truly are endless.

With new collections such as the ASP Signature Gel Polish range offering a varierty of semi-permanent colours, there's a wide range of styles with bubble gum pink, cool red, deep plum and black just a few examples of what is on offer.

If that isn't enough, we proudly stock a large selection of the Red Carpet Manicure gel polish brand in a variety of bright and glittery colours, so stock up and make sure you have a colour for everyone.

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