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It’s not only the old cliché about not getting enough sleep that causes dark circles under eyes. While, true enough, it doesn’t help, there are a number of reasons for these aggravating blemishes. Whether it’s dry skin, stress, an unhealthy diet or just hereditary, we have some recommendations on how to treat dark circles and banish them for good.

Reasons for Dark Circles

It’s always a good idea to address the cause before looking for a cure. Dark circles can strike seemingly at random, but there are a handful of common reasons you might be experiencing them.

A poor diet

Seasonal allergies, like hay fever, can contribute towards puffy eyes and dark circles. While it’s hard to avoid the causes, over-the-counter medication can help stave off any effects that pesky pollen might have on you. A gluten allergy or intolerance can also cause dark circles, but talk to your doctor before deciding to cut out wheat altogether.


Your skin is the best indicator of anxiety, so if you find yourself with dark circles and you realise you’re not sleeping properly or getting enough relaxation, stress could be the cause. It may be easier said than done, but taking aside some moments to chill out and look after yourself will prove invaluable - and will also reflect in your face.

Best Cover Ups for Dark Circles

Concealer for Dark Circles

When it comes to eliminating dark circles, concealer should be an early port of call - and can prove a lifesaver if you need a quick fix. Apply under your eye, right up to your lower lashes, not forgetting the innermost corner of your eye, using your ring or pinky finger, or a brush. Don’t forget to make sure you’ve finished your eye make-up before adding concealer - you don’t want any eye shadow or mascara accidents ruining your stellar job.

Moisturiser for Dark Circles

By keeping your skin hydrated, moisturisers help to reduce dark circles by thickening up that delicate under-eye skin and penetrating deep to get to the root cause of the problem. Cleanse thoroughly - and don’t forget to use toner to get rid of excess oils and dirt - then gently apply some moisturiser to the offending areas. Make this a regular part of your beauty routine and your dark circles should soon be a thing of the past.

Eye Serums

There are plenty of products out there aimed at precisely this problem. A good eye serum will see you right - look for one that is rich in Vitamin E, as the essential fatty acids work towards helping your skin to get plumper and more hydrated. Apply once a day and look forward to waving goodbye to dark circles.

Dark Circle Treatment


There’s a reason this is a trope in movies and TV shows - it’s not a bad idea if you want to soothe your eyes and shake off dark circles. Cucumbers have astringent properties - they can cause the contraction of skin cells, which is just what we’re looking for! Cut a couple of thick slices of cucumber and chill for half an hour, then pop them over your eyes for about 10 minutes. If you do this two or three times a week, after a fortnight you’ll notice reduced swelling and darkness.

Coconut Oil

The miracle-working effects of coconut oil are praised far and wide - and so they should be! It works similarly to moisturiser when it comes to plumping up fragile skin, with the added bonus that you can apply it all over your body and feel like a silky smooth goddess. For dark circle treatment, however, massage it on the area, leave for a few hours and then wash thoroughly.

Tea Bags

Another supposed old wives’ tale, but the caffeine and antioxidants in tea are great for reducing water retention under the eye, as well as shrinking the blood vessels - which cause the darkness in the first place. Just chill a couple of green or black tea bags for 30 minutes, then place one on each eye for 10 minutes. Ignore that you might feel a little silly and rinse fully when you’re done to avoid any unwanted tea stains.