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Christmas Hairstyles: How to Do Messy Hair Updos

Posted on 18th December 2015 by PROinsider
This Christmas, when salons and mobile stylists are high in demand, it’s time to get creative with your styling. Show your clients that you’re both on top of the trends and constantly refreshing your services and styles. 
We’ve created a series of how-to videos to give you a little reminder of the key trends this festive season. For the second installment, we’ve opted for a hair updo with a modern and messy finish. The beauty of this style is its variability; make it as messy or as chic as your client requests. Salon manager Simon Tuckwell created the look – so just follow his how-to steps in the video below.

Step by step

Part 1:

1.    Prep the hair by curling it with straighteners to add movement. 

2.    Pin the curls to the head to set.

3.    Leave for 30 minutes, then take out the pins.

4.    Use S Professional Grey/Black Dress Out Brush to loosen the curls and add volume.

5.    Apply Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Soft Glam Smooth Polish Elixir to the mid-lengths and ends to avoid the hair drying out.

Part 2:

1.    ‘Finger-ruche’ the hair by taking a curl, and using your thumb and forefinger push the hair back to add body.  

2.    Twist and pin the ruched hair to the head. Use the silhouette of the head to determine where to pin, leaving the front section until last.

3.    When you reach the sides, check the style in the mirror to ensure it is correctly balanced

4.    Take the front sections of hair and pin them back into the up-do.

5.    To avoid the look becoming too bridal, compress the curls down and secure with pins.

6.    Lightly spray with Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo for holding power and to add more texture. 

Simon says: “If the hair updo is styled correctly it doesn’t require a lot of product. Sometimes we tend to be a bit heavy-handed with products, which takes away the softness and romantic feel of the look.”

Hair: Simon Tuckwell 
Make-up: Dani Guinsberg
Nails: Carrie Jones
Model: Abigail @ Wilhelmina Models
Styling: Adelaide Turnbull
Studio: Motel Studios
Video: Rishan @ Pocket Motion Pictures
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