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Your 'Why me?' beauty confessions

Posted on 14th August 2015 by PROinsider

We’ve all been there – splashing out on the best beauty products and trying the latest trends, only for it to go horribly wrong, leaving you in a very sticky situation. No fear, you are not alone! We’ve rounded up some of our fave beauty ’fess ups – they’re anonymous but you might recognise (or sympathise) a couple of them ...


"Before my best friend’s birthday party I missed my hair appointment. My fringe was a mess and I was desperate to sort it out! So, as I got ready at home (with a glass or two of wine) I grabbed the kitchen scissors and decided to cut it myself. The more wonky it became, the more I cut it until I ended up looking like a weird version of Justin Bieber."


"After my new boyfriend stayed over for the first time I was making him cereal in the kitchen when one of my false nails fell in! As I desperately tried to fish it out he came in and grabbed the bowl and started eating it. I couldn't stand it and screamed: “I think that milk is off!” Luckily I threw the lot in the bin before he found out."

Go green

"I once attempted to dye my hair purple. It turned out really nice – I loved it! However, I clearly didn’t do my homework, as a few days later I noticed that it had started to turn a hulk-green hue. When I did research into it, I found out that purple-based colours do turn green, while pink-based colours fade. I went into work and had a stern talking to, a few odd looks and lots of giggles. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be sticking to boring brown in future."

Take a brow

"I had a date in the summer and I'd just bought a new eyebrow pencil. It was so hot and I was so nervous – I must've kept wiping my forehead because in the end the guy said, “Is there something wrong with your make-up?” When I checked in the mirror there was a thick black smudge across my head! I had a monobrow and no date…"

Wild Thing

"I have rebellious hair, which is extremely hard to tame. I was going to meet my date, and, as it had been going quite well so far, I decided to get a blow-dry for an extra boost of confidence. All night as I was tossing my hair over my shoulders pretending to laugh at his work anecdotes, I felt a million dollars and the date lasted all night. Unfortunately, my hair didn’t. I woke up looking like Hagrid! I panicked and tried to use my imagination to use anything to tie my wild hair back, but the only inspiration I had was to use my knickers. We never saw each other again."

Too much lip

"I’ve always been a bit conscious about my lips, so for my friend’s wedding I decided to do something about it. I didn’t want to go down the filler route, and the Kylie-Jenner ‘cupping’ option didn’t look too tempting, either! So, I opted for au-natural and got creative with a lip liner. I was really happy with the results. I got to the wedding and my new fuller lips were chatting away all day. As I was chatting to the best man, he kept giving me a very odd look – I thought I must have something in my teeth, so I went to the toilet to check. I was mortified to find that the liner had faded quite drastically – but that the outline managed to stay put. I looked like I had a rash around my mouth!"

Wax on, wax off

"Before going on holiday I like to have a full pamper week, where I get my hair, wax and nails done. However, I was running out of time and the salon was out of appointments, so I decided to DIY my beauty needs. I started off by waxing and managed to do my underarms and legs perfectly, so felt I was ready for the main event – the bikini wax. I had everything set up and ready to rip. I even treated myself to a small glass of wine to numb the pain, but then things started going horribly wrong (actually, that might have been down to the other glass of wine) and I was in a world of pain. The next morning I woke to find my nether regions covered in purple and blue bruises – never again."

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