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What is colour mapping?

Posted on 15th October 2015 by PROinsider

There’s been a wave of new hair colour trends for the season ahead, such as ronze and ecaille. But there’s one that’s got us really excited as it is guaranteed to suit everyone. Yes, everyone – every face shape, natural hair colour and personality. Introducing colour mapping, a bespoke technique developed by Andrew Barton at his Urban Retreat hair salon at Harrods.

“Our colour mapping service revolves around identifying what the client wants to express about herself through hair colour.”

Andrew and his team have come up with a memorable way to categorise clients, so they know exactly what they’re dealing with:

“Clients fall into one of three categories; they either want to whisper about their style and colour with something subtle, talk about their style and colour and make more of a statement, or they want to shout about their style and colour with something bold.”

Hmm, but how can you know for sure which category /you/ belong to? Well, we’ve created a 100% scientific test to identify how loud you want to go with your style. Ready to take the test?

1. You’re getting your nails done, pick your shade:

    A: Crystal clear
    B: Raspberry ripple
    C: Banana yellow. Neon

2. For Halloween you’re going to dress up as:

    A: I’ll just dust off my cat ears headband
    B: A witch – the hocus pocus kind, not Hermione
    C: Miley Cyrus circa /Wrecking Ball/

3. What’s the soundtrack to your life?

    A: It’s Oh So Quiet
    B: Happy
    C: Born This Way

4. Who’s your favourite Kardashian/Jenner?

    A: Kendall
    B: Kourtney
    C: Kim

5. What do you use Instagram for?

    A: To post deep and meaningful quotes or images of trees
    B: To document fun times with my friends. Oh and to stalk Harry Styles
    C: Selfies. Obvs.

6. Who would play you in a movie about your life?

    A: Anne Hathaway
    B: Mollie King
    C: Rihanna

7. Pick a pet

    A: Goldfish
    B: Cat
    C: Poodle

Mostly As – Whisper
You love socialising with friends, but the thought of being centre of attention gives you a few heart palpitations. You’re confident and happy with your natural hair colour, but wouldn’t say no to a very VERY subtle change – maybe going one or two shades lighter or darker. You take care of your locks, so regular trims are part of your regime, but god help the hairdresser who cuts off more than an inch.

Mostly Bs – Talk
You’re always up to date with the latest celebrity trends, and jump on every beauty bandwagon going. You’re not too scared to try out new things including ombré and midi-bobs, but as soon as those trends are out, you’re straight back to the salon.

Mostly Cs – Shout
You and Lady Gaga were cut from the same cloth as you both use fashion and beauty to express yourself. You’re not afraid to break from the trend moulds, and if everyone’s having blonde hair, you’re rocking red. You share your creative flare on Instagram and love going out to show off your innovative looks.

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