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Ten characters you’ll style at a wedding

Posted on 24th July 2015 by PROinsider

1. The Bride. The Boss

Also answers to the name of Bridezilla, she is your Kryptonite so you must use all magical skills (and a lot of powder) to make her feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world… or at least in the room.

2. Mother knows best

Over-the-shoulder glaring, readjusting the hair slightly and the just-smelt-rotten-fish look at the lipstick shade you’ve used, a mother’s overprotective instincts never leaves her – least of all today.

3. The bridesmaid with an identity crisis

She might not be wearing the veil and white dress, but in her mind it’s her big day too. Expect hyperactivity, drama and tears, but just remember to make sure the bride is perfected before moving on to the maid of dishonour.

4. The cryer

Tissues. Lots of tissues. If not you’re kind of screwed.

5. The flower girl

Let it go! And, no, we’re not pretending to be Elsa from Frozen [whose hair you’ve been instructed to recreate on the little darling]. Please put down the lipsticks – they are not crayons and I’m working!

6. The *hiccup* auntie

The bubbly is flowing, but there’s always one who sips (downs) an extra glass or two (five). Just make sure you have a strong powder to calm down the rosé cheeks!

7. The black sheep

While the bride is in a land of unicorns and rainbows, the alternative relative is stuck in a land of ghouls and gremlins. Make sure you create the right balance between the bride’s vision and the client’s personality. Oh, and we advise you bring black eyeliner. And lots of it.

8. The freebie friend

Oh, how convenient – one of the bride’s friends just so happens to find the room (out of 75) where the make-up and hair is happening. “Oh you wouldn’t mind touching-up my bronzer would you?”

9. The I’m-still-21 cougar

She’ll disassociate herself from the ‘oldies’ and take selfies with the bridesmaids instead. Warning: you’ll have a fight on your hands trying to tear the candy-floss pink lippy from her.

10. The Glam-ma

She’ll walk in the room like a 1950s Hollywood actress, with skin like silk and stories that’ll make you sorry you interrupted to add her lippy.

Your big day bridal kit sorted…

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