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Pamper treats for new mums

Posted on 12th May 2015 by PROinsider
Pamper treats for new mums

To celebrate the birth of Princess Charlotte, we wanted to show you how to tailor treatments to give new mums a boost of confidence and some well-deserved ‘me-time’…

Mummy massage
Pregnancy is an exciting time for many women, but it entails lots of body changes – and after the baby arrives, these changes can make women feel uncomfortable or lose self-confidence.

A body massage is a gentle and relaxing way to tackle some new-mum body issues. Following labour, it’s no surprise that new mums will feel muscle pain all over, so a massage is a good way to get oxygen to sore muscles and extract pain-inducing toxins.

To maximise the benefits and relieve friction, massages work best when oil is used. Try Strictly Professional Massage Oil, which contains wheat germ oil – bursting with vitamin E, it is vital for skin protection and repair.

Most salons offer a variety of massages, but if you’re unsure which technique is best for a new mum, opt for a Swedish body massage. The pressure applied will allow your client to fully relax, which helps relieve new-baby stress, and your hands are free to work on the whole body as well as the key painful areas such as the lower back.

A Swedish massage can also help with insomnia, and for new mums who need to catch as much sleep as they can, this is essential.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of a Swedish massage, or need to polish up on your skills, book a place on our Salon Services Swedish Body Massage Course. Remember to ask your client if she has permission from her doctor to have a massage, as there are some new mums who shouldn’t have the treatment due to medical issues.

Bronze goddess
Unlike celebrities, real women not only take time to shed the baby weight but 8 in 10 get stretch marks during pregnancy too, so some new mums can feel self-conscious and insecure.

However, confidence is something that all new mums deserve, especially knowing what their kick-ass bodies can create!

A spray tan is an instant pick-me-up when it comes to body confidence, read our blog on how to use fake tan to contour and sculpt your client’s figure here.

Unfortunately, not all new mums have the time to leave their house for a treat, so make sure you shout about your mobile spray tan service. Consider offering tanning parties for new mums – it’ll maximise profits and have the added value of moral support (and a few laughs) for clients. Don’t forget to invest in a Tantruth Tanning Tent – the carry bag makes it super easy to get from one appointment to the next. 

A light golden colour on the face will perk up tired new-baby-no-sleep skin, so recommend Body Drench Gradual Tanning Face Lotion to clients for a subtle daily glow – easy to use even with the exhaustion that comes from being a new mum, this gradual tanner is the perfect pick-me-up.

Post-baby beautify
In between sterilising bottles, changing nappies, feeding, changing nappies again, there really isn’t a lot of time left for mum to get ready in the mornings.  Make up can give your clients the confidence to be a different character for the day, so offer a mini make-over to new mums for a chance to be their glammed-up selves (pre-baby) for a while.

Keep in mind that your client will want to recreate the looks at home, but it will be disheartening for your client if the look is extremely time-consuming.  Instead, recommend products that double up and save time like Lord & Berry Cream To Powder – combining the coverage of foundation and the setting power of powder in one application.  Recommend a lip liner like Ultimate Round Liner in Romantic Rose to wear under lippy, so there’s no need for constant top-ups.

Eyelash extensions save huge amounts of time when getting ready and can make peepers appear brighter and more open (even if they’re half closed from the sleepless nights). If your client struggles to find time to hit her make up bag after having a baby, reassure her that lash extensions can be worn alone but still offer the illusion of being ‘made-up’. It’s another treatment that can be created in the comfort of your client’s home, so invest in our Lash FX Eyelash Extensions course and become a pro.

Hair TLC
Hair can go through an emotional rollercoaster during pregnancy thanks to all the hormones whizzing around.  From colour and texture change to growth spurts (in some unwanted places!) hair is really put through its paces over the nine months.

The hair issues don’t stop there; some women can even suffer hair loss when they stop breast-feeding.  These changes aren’t permanent, so it’s best to offer new mums a replenishing treatment like Biolage Fiberstrong Masque, the intense conditioning qualities teamed with shine-inducing bamboo will help to get post-natal hair back on track.

A new haircut and style is another way to tidy up the traumatised follicles, while allowing new mums to retain part of their stylish side.  If the client still feels her hair is limp and lifeless, recommend American Pride Full Head Hair Extension 22 inch, these are super easy to use and will add a boost of volume for any upcoming nights out. 
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