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Brush up on your multi-tasking skills…

Posted on 29th July 2015 by PROinsider

When you get your shiny new make-up brush set on your first day of beauty school your first thought is, “I feel like a real make-up artist.” The second thought is, “I have absolutely no idea what half of these brushes are for?” Don’t panic, you will, of course, master each brush and be waving them around like Harry Potter by the end of your course. But, for now, check out our guide to getting the best out of your brushes…

Angled eye brush
Angled Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner is like socks, no matter what happens it always goes walkabouts (but where do they go? Weird). So, make sure you always have an angled eye brush, normally used for defining eyeshadow, as it’s one of the most versatile brushes around – and can double up for other jobs. Dab the tip into black eyeshadow, and sweep across the top and bottom eyelids for a smoky eyeliner. It’s also perfect for creating Cara-style brows.

Fan brush
This is the multitasker of the make-up-brush world with its specialty being contouring. It also comes in handy cleaning up the excess shadow that’s dropped to the skin from the eyes. We’re a big fan! (Sorry).

Make-up brush handles
The trick to contouring is mastering the initial line application across the cheekbones. There’s several ways of getting this spot-on including tape and card, but if you haven’t got the time (or patience) to do this, just take another make-up brush, flip it round and use the handle as a guide.

Stippler brush
Stippler brush

Stippler brushes are fast becoming the new ‘It’ foundation brush, as they build coverage to leave skin looking like it’s had five Instagram filters applied to it. But, it’s also the brush to use when applying cream blush, as it nails the perfect amount to use (unlike fingers) and blends to a flawless finish.

Lip brush
Lip brush [A]

At the start of your make-up artist career, your budget will be limited, so splashing out on expensive highlighting pens can make your purse start to panic. Instead, dip your lip brush into a liquid illuminator; the thin nib allows you to apply the perfect amount of product for a subtle effect.

Blending brush
Blending brush [B]

It does what it says on the tin, and it does a very good job of it too, but you might be surprised to hear about its other talent – applying concealer under the eyes. Unlike most taklon concealer brushes, the shape of the bristles on a blending brush are better suited for hiding dark circles.

Foundation brush
Precision Beauty Foundation Brush Assorted Colours [C]

The best way to apply moisturiser is with your hands as the heat allows the product to absorb quickly without leaving any excess. But, when your job involves applying moisturisers, serums and oils all day long, you may want to avoid the 57 hand washes admin and use a foundation brush instead.

Fan brush
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