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6 steps to talons that twinkle

Posted on 24th June 2015 by PROinsider

Award-winning nail artist Megumi Mizuno shows you how to create a bejewelled mani in minutes…

1. Prep the nails by filing into shape, removing any cuticles and cleansing. Apply a gel polish base coat.

2. Once the base layer is dry, apply two layers of a light pink shade. Ensure you harden each layer under a UV light, also known as curing.

3. Choosing a few nails to focus on, use a brown shade to paint some teardrop and half moon shapes on the base of the nails. Tidy the edges and then cure. Repeat to achieve a more intense finish.

4. Apply a layer of clear gel over the brown, and place a few large crystals on top. Then fill the rest of the area with smaller crystals and gold studs, and cure. Using the same method, apply a few small crystals to the other nails.

5. To help the crystals last, apply clear gel around the stones with a thin brush. Avoid painting over the crystals as you will dull their shine. Cure to set in place.

6. Apply your top coat, avoiding the crystals – use the thin brush to go around them once more. Cure to finish.

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