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13 times when being a beauty professional gets annoying…

Posted on 1st August 2015 by PROinsider

1. When your friend uses your most expensive lippy because, as a make-up artist, your products grow on magical trees, right?

2. The double dippers. My friends are disgusting.

3. A catch up becomes a hair consultation.

4. It’s your birthday and you’ll do-everyone’s-make-up even if you don’t want to

5. The assumption that all you do is ‘play with lipsticks all day’.

6. Unsociable working hours means a massive FOMO.

7. “For my wedding present I thought you could do my make-up. And all of my bridesmaids. And my mum’s?” Oh, really? I wasn’t planning on spending £150 on your gift…

8. When your friend takes your relationship to the next level by asking you to give her a Hollywood wax.

9. Halfway through a blow-dry your friend miraculously becomes a qualified hairdresser and tells you what you’re doing wrong.

10. Just the one pair of shoes for you on holiday as your baggage allowance is taken up by mates’ hair and make-up equipment. Cheers girls.

11. Birthday and Christmas presents consist of make up, make-up brushes, more make-up and nail polish. Note: make your receptionist friend a spreadsheet for Christmas.

12. The absolute shock when I say, “Sorry, I really can’t cut your fringe right now as I tend not to carry my scissors with me on a night out.”

13. When your friends automatically turn into contestants on Dale’s Supermarket Sweep when you take them out with your discount cards.

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