Backwash units are an essential for any stylist or barber, offering comfort, convenience and a chance to show off a range of shampoo and styling products. At Salon Services, we stock backwash units & chairs from leading brands Bellazi, REM & Vezzosi.
As any good hair stylist knows, it's important to make sure your clients are as comfortable as possible during their appointment. At Salon Services, we stock a selection of backwash units, from standalone units to backwash chairs and pedestals, to ensure you're able to offer your clients a top quality salon experience. With products ranging between our essentials range and the luxurious massage backwash chairs from Vezzosi, there's furniture to suit a variety of price points and needs. And whether or not you need the full backwash unit, only the pedestal, or additional backwash chairs, we've got it all here at Salon Services.